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Dr Jonathan Royle World Famous Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist

World Famous Hypnotist, Dr Jonathan Royle, has compiled the ultimate collection of hypnosis training materials, so you can learn the exact hypnosis methods that have taken him around the world as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist, and treated thousands of clients as a Hypnotherapist.

The Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp is a unique virtual library of video training – and resources, essential for every hypnotist, hypnotherapist and holistic practitioner.

The bootcamp contains over 500 hours of video training on a wide range of subjects that every hypnotist should learn, plus a massive selection of audio recordings, ebooks and much more.

Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp Training Resources – Contents

At the time of writing this page, there were no less than 197 different sections within the online course!

Obviously, you haven’t seen the actual content of the site, and can’t yet appreciate how comprehensive the material is… so lets look at it a little closer:

Full, Live Training Seminar Recordings:

Many of the 197+ sections contain video recordings from Jonathan Royle’s live seminars. Anyone who has attended one or more of Royle’s hypnotherapy or stage hypnosis seminars will know he packs as much educational content into the time as as possible.

I have personally attended many of his events, as both a student and a guest speaker, and have lost count of the number of times someone has said that Jonathan packs more information into a one day training course than most hypnotherapy trainers provide in a week or more.

Some of these video recorded training days also have a separate set of audio recordings, so that you can listen to the training content at times when watching video isn’t possible.

Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) Training and other Hypnotherapy & NLP methods to change lives

Anyone in the Hypnotherapy business has probably heard of Royle’s Complete Mind Therapy system, and for good reason – it is a simple, quick and effective way to help clients change their lives using carefully selected techniques. Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) can be used to help clients Stop Smoking (and beat other addictions), Lose Weight, Conquer their Phobias and many other issues, and all withing just a single 1 hour hypnotherapy session. It is used by hypnotherapists and life coaches around the world, and you can learn the secrets of CMT from the Bootcamp.

I personally use CMT regularly with my hypnotherapy clients, and in my opinion, the training on how and why CMT works, and the subtle nuances that have been built into the system over the years of development, are worth the price of the Bootcamp alone.

Once you have completed the training in Complete Mind Therapy, you can apply to join the Association of Complete Mind Therapists (ACMT) as a lifetime member for free, and proudly display your qualification and membership diploma in your therapy room, and the ACMT logo on your website, business card, leaflets etc.

The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (ACMT)

Other Holistic Treatment Practice Training

It’s not just Hypnotherapy & Stage Hypnosis! Jonathan Royle has included comprehensive training on a wide range of complementary therapies, including:

  • Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Workout
  • Pilates
  • Reflexology
  • Meditation
  • & More!

  • How to Hypnotize people for both Comedy Shows and Therapy.
  • How to Structure a Comedy Hypnosis Show.
  • The Psychology behind Hypnosis.
  • Treating a wide range of conditions, addictions, health issues, phobias and much more.
  • Marketing your Hypnotherapy Business to achieve Maximum Results.
  • The mistakes most Hypnotists make and why they struggle to pay their bills, or need a second job.
  • Access to the Elite Hypnosis Websites closed Facebook Group for exclusive tips on setting up your own Hypnosis Websites.
  • And Much More!

All attendees, on successful completion of the training, will receive Certification from The Mindcare Organisation & The Association of Complete Mind Therapists, plus online access to over 300 hours of further training. This is a 2 day intensive training event, with additional support afterwards. In our opinion, you will never need to attend another hypnosis course!

Although the course times are approx 9am-5pm daily, Delegates are encouraged to join Jonathan and his staff for lunch, and each evening, where you can ask questions, and discuss hypnosis.


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