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Are you interested in Hypnosis for Entertainment or Therapy?
Perhaps you are already trained as a Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist?
Maybe you are running a Holistic or Complementary Therapy Clinic?
Would you like to learn how to make more money as a Hypnotist?

If so, we are pleased to announce two great live training events that are suitable for you!

No matter what your experience of hypnosis is right now, we believe that this course is a fantastic opportunity to take it further by learning from a position of zero knowledge, or by increasing your skills. Over the course of two information packed training days, world famous hypnotist Dr Jonathan Royle will teach you the secrets of hypnosis that other training courses don’t want you to know! Dr Royle has treated thousands of clients, many of whom are celebrities, and has advised some of the top therapists (including certain celebrity TV life coaches) over the past 30 years, and continues to do so as well as sharing his knowledge.

Here’s what Celebrity Therapist and weight loss coach Steve Miller from Sky TV’s Fat Families recently said about Dr Royle’s course:

(It’s the) Best course I’ve attended

But what makes Dr Royle’s course stand out from all the others? Quite simply, it’s his brutal honesty – he shares everything he knows, and doesn’t hold back anything. Many hypnosis training courses are designed specifically to keep you coming back for more training, at a cost of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds each year. There is always something “new” to learn, or “another qualification” to be gained. I know of good hypnotherapists that have spent a fortune on courses looking for “that missing piece” of information that will make them better. I’m guessing that because some of them are still going on several courses a year, they still haven’t found what they are looking for. And they can’t admit to themselves how much time and money they are wasting, because that would be admitting how they have been duped for so long. Whether or not you can identify with the above, or perhaps know of another hypnotist that spends all their income on courses, please read on… You won’t regret it!

Within two days, Jonathan will teach you his Complete Mind Therapy method for hypnosis. He will also cover how to protect yourself and your clients, how to build your business, and increase your income. You’ll learn step by step every induction you’ll ever need, and the easy way to stop your clients smoking and beat a phobia in just a single one hour session worth £250 per client. But then he’ll show you the way he has earned thousands in a single day with hypnotherapy, along with revealing his tricks to get positive publicity and so much more.

Most hypnosis trainers will tell you that you can’t learn hypnosis in just 2 days. I know that in these two days you can arrive with no knowledge of hypnosis on the Saturday morning, and be treating your first client on the Monday morning. I’ve met Dr Royle’s past students who have done just that. But then again a lot of training courses want you to believe that their very expensive courses are worth every penny, because they contain the secrets of hypnosis that you can’t learn in two days. Now, it is true that you can’t learn everything about hypnosis in just 2 days. In fact it is true that as a trained, qualified hypnotherapist you will learn something new with almost every client you see, but that has nothing to do with the course that lasts for 6 months and cost thousands.

So you can learn the real techniques of hypnosis and marketing for hypnotherapists in just a couple of day, but what about if you want to learn about a specific problem, issue, or look at setting up a niche service? Well don’t worry, Dr Royle has that covered too! Your course fee also gets you access into his exclusive online training library filled with hundreds of files. This is probably one of the most comprehensive online hypnosis training resources in the World! Within the walls of this virtual library you will find ebooks, videos, documents, power-point presentations and a lot more. And the subjects are just as diverse as the formats. You can watch some of Royle’s past training events where he covers specific therapies, learn about health and safety in both the therapy room and on stage, and even every step you need to take to put together a successful comedy hypnosis show. But that’s not all – he has provided additional courses on complementary therapies such as Reiki, Massage and Yoga, sales letters to help you get more clients and even sample press releases. If that wasn’t enough, the 400+ hours of video footage and countless documents contain step by step guides to writing your first book, or creating your first information product that you can sell for profit. Covering the entire contents would take years!

Don’t think that the support finishes at the end of the second day. Yes you have access to the online library, but unlike many training schools who would rather sell you a place on another course than answer a question, Dr Royle will happily answer any hypnosis questions that you might have via email or social media. You will be given membership to the students’ Facebook group to discuss your stories, ask questions, and share your successes with other past students (some of whom you may recognise from TV, Radio or the press). In Jonathan’s own words:

I want to send you away from my training event, never needing to attend another hypnosis course ever again – including my own!

If all of that wasn’t enough, you will have the chance over the weekend to chat with one of the Elite Hypnosis Websites’ team about the best way to build and promote your hypnotherapy website, build a social media presence, improve your seach engine rankings, and how to make the internet work for you. But we all know that building a website costs money… lots of money. Not for you! Because we are giving away our Elite Hypnosis Website Package to the first 20 people who book on either course via the link below. This is an exclusive offer that is only available from our team, worth £600. Plus, book more than one ticket and save money on the total price. We can’t keep this offer open for everyone (I truly wish we could!) and once we have sold twenty tickets in total, across both events, the offer will be withdrawn. This is not a marketing or sales tactic – we genuinely only have 20 seats to fill over the 2 weekends. Once you have paid by PayPal below, we will post out your EHW Kit and pass your contact details to Dr Royle, who will provide access details for your online library account, along with everything you’ll need to know for the weekend, including maps, details for accommodation, food etc.



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