by Hypnotic Consultants

Hypno Package 1

NINE Ready-To-Go Websites for Hypnotherapists


Price includes –

  • Sample text to get you started (We strongly advise that you use this as a basis, but alter this to your own text, for the best Search Engine Results)
  • Installation of 1 website, including our recommended plugins, so that you can get the best from your online presence
  • Set Up of 1 email address, with instructions to set up more.
  • Customisation of the site to include your contact details, social media links etc
  • Instructions on how to get your site on Google quickly
  • Training videos and pdfs, so that you can update your own website in future
  • 1 Year Technical Support
  • Also suitable for Alternative & New Age Therapists etc



  • Over 1,000 High Quality images for you to use in Blog Posts, Web Pages, Facebook and Twitter Posts etc, specially sourced  and selected for Hypnotists
  • Access to all additional designs added to the package within the year
  • All web designs provided with additional Left and / or Right hand columns, ideal for menus, wordpress plugins etc


Pebbles Hypnotherapy Design

(Note, due to the static background image, this screenshot doesn’t look as good as it does in real life!)

Freedom Hypnosis Design

One of our darker designs, ideal for a broad range of applications, and great for corporate markets.

Weight Loss Specialists Design

A modern, simple, clean white design for hypnotherapists wanting to specialise in Weight Loss.

Happy Hypnosis Template

A bright lively site, showing your clients what they can dream of.

Stop Smoking Website

Ideal as a secondary website to capture as many Stop Smoking clients as possible in your area

Bubbles Hypnotherapy Design

This design can be re-coloured to match your existing branding.

Eyelash Hypnosis Website

This package wouldn’t be complete without an “Eye Design” – Yes it’s cliched, but if that is what clients expect…

All our designs are original, made with Hypnotherapists, and other Alternative Health Practioners in mind.

Plus, we offer 1 year of technical support, training, and bonus items to ensure you can get the most from your new sites!

Want to see one of the sites in action? Just click on the preview!
(All sites open in a new tab)

Medical & Dental Website

Another niche website to increase your client base… Pain, Phobias and more…

Depression Website

Another niche website to increase your client base…

New! HypnoBirth Website

If you offer HypnoBirthing, this design is made for you!


How to Buy…

1. Click on the “Buy Now Link below, or send payment via PayPal to

2. If you don’t have a Paypal Account, and are paying by credit / debit card, please confirm your contact details by emailing

3. We will send you a short form to fill in, so that we can upload your chosen design, and set up your email address etc

4. In the meantime, a DVD-Rom will be posted to you, containing all the designs, and your bonus items

5. Any questions? feel free to call us on 07967 514060