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A Great Tool for Creating Titles for your Hypnotherapy Blog

An interesting (& free) tool to help you create great content for your hypnotherapy blog and website!

hypnotherapist & blogger sat at laptop writing an article for her hypnotherapy website blogEvery month I have to write a couple of pages of text for the local magic society magazine and blog, and although I doubt many of our members read my ramblings, it gives me a platform to share my ideas with my peers and rally the troops! It is also a chance to write about a subject that I would otherwise normally just read about.

As with many other writers, often the hardest part is coming up with a fresh subject / title / idea that will appeal to readers. It’s great if there has been something of interest on TV, I’ve seen a live show or a recent news article has come to my attention, but often I’m sat staring at a blank screen looking for inspiration. If you regularly write articles for your blog etc (and you should – Google loves fresh, relevant content) you may have suffered a similar fate.

Today was no different, so I decided to see if there was a source of inspiration… and as always Google helped.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator seems to be a fantastic free tool worthy of investigation. Yes it is automated, it isn’t perfect, and no it won’t write the blog article for you, but it will give you some food for thought, and at least a title to start off with.

The site asks you for 3 nouns… honestly I don’t think it matters what 3 word-types you include (you can always edit the suggested title afterwards)… inputting “Trance”, “Cigarettes” and “Hypnotherapist” (probably the first 3 words anyone writing about smoking cessation would consider) kicks out the following 5 subject suggestions –

  • How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Trance
  • 7 Things About Cigarettes Your Boss Wants To Know
  • Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Hypnotherapist? Take This Quiz
  • 20 Myths About Trance
  • 10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Cigarettes

Not a bad start!

Now obviously some of these will need refining, editing (or in the case of a previous search which kicked out “Why We Love Smoking (And You Should, Too!)” ignoring – unless your blog audience is other (potential) hypnotherapists wanting to learn about smoking cessation and making lots of money!

Look at your ideal audience – your potential hypnotherapy client – and work these blog titles around them, so that they have maximum impact, and without too much thought you might be left with…

  • How To Solve Your Biggest Problems (Fears / Addictions etc) With Trance
  • 7 Things About Stopping Smoking Cigarettes You Need To Know
  • Think You’re Cut Out For Being a Great Hypnotherapist? Take This Quiz (Great if you have a quiz plugin on your WP site that also shares results to Facebook etc)
  • 20 Myths About Trance (Hypnotherapy? / Stopping Smoking? etc)
  • 10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Cigarettes (Hmmm, pretty stuck on how to turn this tile around right now!)

I haven’t spent ages considering each title… that’s for you to do… all I have done is converted them to something a little more appealing, reader targeted and added a couple of additional ideas.

But in just a few minutes we now have 4 fantastic titles to get your audience interested. Yes, the titles do resemble some of the formats used by sites such as BuzzFeed and Distractify – but they use them because they work! Honestly, admit it to yourself, you have been scrolling though Facebook and a BuzzFeed title has piqued your interest enough to click on it…

Now Hubspot suggests that these 5 (4?) subjects are enough for a week’s blogging. And for some people and industries this might be true – however, you are not a blogger who performs hypnosis occasionally, instead you are a hypnotherapist who blogs occasionally for the benefits of better Google Rankings and more clients (or at least I hope you are!). Personally I believe that the 4 subjects we have are enough for about a month of blog content.

Given that by signing up to their free mailing list, they promise to send you another year’s worth of topics (which could realistically be 4-5 years’ worth if you only post once a week) i reckon it’s probably worth sending them your email address.

So what are you going to write in your blog under these fantastic titles? That’s entirely up to you! But remember, it should be interesting, educational, entertaining and above all – inspiring! Remember to focus on your keyword(s) for SEO (Yoast is the plugin for this), add suitable images (from the royalty free photos included in the Elite Hypnosis Websites Kit) which have been renamed and had the alt attributes edited, keep the sales pitch to a minimum, and have someone else (a friend, family member, colleague) proof read it and give you honest feedback. Once it is published share the hell out of it on your Facebook Business Page, Twitter Feed, and even your own personal Facebook profile (set to public so that it can be re-shared around the world!).

As always, if you have any questions, join us at The Elite Hypnosis Websites Facebook Page… and of course, if you have written a blog using any of the above titles, then please share it with us at the group!