by Hypnotic Consultants


A Free Gift from our Seasonal Graphics Package

A Free Christmas Gift from our web-design team, to all Hypnotherapists!

We are in a festive mood today. With less than 2 weeks till Christmas, and more importantly, for Hypnotherapists, less than 3 weeks until New Year, we’ve decided to give away one of our Seasonal Graphics. Great for Facebook, Twitter, Blog Posts and your own website, this graphic could seriously pull on the heart-strings of the most hardened cynic!

This seasonal image is ideal to get your followers to start thinking about getting Fit and Healthy for 2016, and to start looking at New Year’s Resolutions.

Unlike the graphics in the pack in our Selfy Store, this one has a small watermark at the bottom, with our website address on. All we ask is that if you are using the free version below, please leave the watermark in place. If you would prefer to have a version of the graphic without the watermark, simply visit our Selfy Store and buy the full pack of 15 graphics, designed by us, for hypnotherapists!


(Click on the Image for the Full Size Copy, then Right Click and Choose “Save As”)


We’d love to hear how the graphic has worked for you, and the reaction it got from your audience / potential hypnotherapy clients!

And from everyone at Elite Hypnosis Websites, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!