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Autocue Software for reading Hypnotherapy Scripts

hypnotherapist with iPad for reading hypnotherapy scripts using autocue softwareAutocue Software for Hypnotherapists – a quick review of the apps available

At a recent Hypnosis Training Seminar taught by Dr Jonathan Royle and assisted by myself, we discussed Autocue software for the iPad, for reading Hypnosis / CMT scripts. As mentioned over the weekend, I tend to have my CMT script printed on paper and laminated (to keep page turning quiet), however I did have autocue software on my iPad, and decided to have another look at it to see which one it was, as promised. Unfortunately it appears to have been discontinued, and is unavailable, so to save you the time and effort I had a look around the app store and found the following free apps…

Please note that the views below are entirely my own based on a very quick search of the iStore. If you are a developer of any of these autocue apps and would like to add your comments to the original Facebook post, please see the link below. I would like to hear from you.

Teleprompter (Free):

To import a script, you have to upgrade to the “Premium” version (so I’m not sure exactly what the free version does, apart from take up space on the iPad.

0/5 Stars

Prof. Hornett:

Nice, clear display, with variable speed settings (25-300 words per minute) and a clear guideline in the centre of the screen to help keep track of where you are. If you need to slow down or speed up, you can manually drag the script up / down the screen, and it has the ability to skip to other scripts (which might be useful if you want to break the CMT script up or have different sections for smoking / phobias etc. Importing scripts isn’t difficult – simply email them to your iPad or host them on DropBox or GoogleDrive and within the appropriate app, select “Open In”. The “Pro version appears to have more functions, including “Mirror Mode” (for the glass prompts politicians etc use) Video Recording, Rich Text Editing (multiple text colours, styles highlighting etc) multiple guides, bluetooth remote speed control etc. (price ranges from £4.99 for the teleprompter to £8.99 for the video teleprompter). It might be worth the extra £4.99 if you want to have your script in a range of colours (embedded commands etc) but as a free app it does almost everything a Hypnotherapist might need.

4/5 Stars


I didn’t like the format or feel of this app – it looked like it had been built on a website and imported to the app store. The only way to import a script was to have it on a webpage and enter the page address (not ideal), and once I had clicked “cancel” whilst I went looking for a suitable page to test it, I couldn’t open the options screen again!

0/5 Stars


This stands out from all the other autocue apps, with the ability to adjust the speed of the scrolling display by tracking your voice! This did have a few concerns – what happens if you go “off script” at any time (if you want to insert the client’s name, skip past a sentence for whatever reason etc) but a test of these potential issues proved that the software was indeed capable of recognising when additional words or sentences were added or skipped, and handled it all remarkably well. As with Prof. Hornett, you can manually scroll up or down the script if you need to. As an added bonus, the app also has the ability to record your speech as you read it out. This may not be much use for the CMT script after you have first recorded it, but if you do personalise your sessions, it can save you a lot of hassle. Importing Scripts is easy via DropBox, Google Drive etc within the app. Looking at the “Pro” version’s (£14.99) additional functions, (text colour, font, video recording) I personally don’t think it is worth the additional money for a hypnotherapist – the free version will work well enough!
I would suggest testing this app out with any background music you may use during a session, before using it in a real-life session with a paying client, as background music / sounds may affect the Voice Tracking. (Obviously I recommend that you test out any autocue software extensively before taking it into the therapy room, to ensure you are fully conversant with the menu systems etc first!).

5/5 Stars

In Conclusion:

If you are interested in reading your script(s) from an iPad, Prof. Hornett and PromptSmart are two of the best free autocue apps available. Download both, try them out and see which ones you are comfortable with.

If anyone has already used any of the above mentioned apps, one of the premium (paid for) apps that are available, or similar for other Non-iOS devices, please feel free to comment on the relevant post on the EHW Facebook Group and let us know your thoughts!