by Hypnotic Consultants


Web Hosting is important. Without it, you won’t have the server space to store your site’s files, so that visitors can access it.

There are thousands of hosts out there. Some are great, others may not provide the service you require. And prices vary dramatically. From experience, we can tell you that cheap isn’t always good. In fact, it is far more important that you choose your web host based on the service they provide, rather than the cost.

We don’t provide web-hosting but we are more than happy to recommend D9 Hosting – a fantastic company run by 2 internet marketeers, who know what you need from a hosting company.  But we don’t just recommend them… we use them too!

There are several packages available, but we suggest the “Unlimited Hosting Package” for a minimum of 1 year. This package includes unlimted disk space, for unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited emails. They also have a great Technical Support Team, and their servers support WordPress sites.

For more information on D9 Hosting, click on the banner below

D9 Hosting

If you decide not to use with D9 Hosting (and we don’t know why you wouldn’t!), please make sure that your web hosting provider supports WordPress Installations.